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October 2013

Steampunk ATC's    10/16/13
Vampire ATC's    10/16/13
Collage card: "Día de los muertos"    10/14/13
Digital portrait of Thalia    10/8/13
Stonehenge at Maryhill, Washington    10/6/13
Finished Art Tags     10/4/13
The Hood River Fruit Loop    10/3/13

September 2013

Download Jeff's Free Photoshop Halloween Brushes     9/25/13
Altered Blocks     9/24/13
Hanging Circus Book     9/19/13
Found Poetry Homemade Book     9/19/13
Flag Book     9/19/13
Portrait of Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift     9/18/13
Altered Playing Cards     9/17/13
Altered Altoid Tin     9/16/13
Art Journals for swaps     9/16/13
Art Tags swaps     9/16/13
New Portrait of Audrey Hepburn     9/15/13
Photoshop Painting: An Old Corner Store     9/15/13
Jeff's Halloween Invitation     9/14/13
Terry's Zine: Reducing Stress Through Mindfullness     9/10/13
Terry's Button Fairies     9/8/13
One Image Art Cards from Terry     updated 9/8/13
Terry's Garden Journal    updated 9/7/13
Terry's Paper Bag Books    updated 9/5/13
Terry's Slide Mount Book     updated 9/4/13

More Projects

The Beauty of Rain
Relaxation Videos
Nature Journaling
Outdoor Photography
The Hood River Fruit Loop
Stonehenge at Maryhill, Washington