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Mapping 2014 Artfully

Artist: Terry Owenby

Click thumbnails for enlarged portions
top of map middle section of map bottom of map
art map of 2014

I love maps and art so was excited to learn that Jill Berry, author of the fabulous book Personal Geographies, was asking for artists to join a project called Mapping 2014 Artfully. It was my first time making a map, artistic or otherwise, and it was an adventure I thoroughly enjoyed. Well…except for the problem I have of constantly redoing things.

About my map:

I forgot to include the idea behind my map, so here it is. This map was created with the thought of moving from the rough years of 2011-2013 to a positive, mindful, 2014.

In the last few years, I was shown how to use mindfulness and meditation to curb anxiety and its effects. I also learned of a fantastic idea: the idea of rewriting one’s current life, i.e. the “old story”, into a new story, an outline of likes, goals, actions, thoughts, feelings, and the way one really wants to live. It called for “cutting the cord on the old stories.”

I wrote my own, “It’s A New Story” and started moving forward with some of my goals. In 2013, when life was really taking its toll on us, my new story was never far from my thoughts but saw me spending less and less time on it. Considering the future, I want to get back to it, and my personal goals and the goals I have with my husband, moving positively ahead in 2014 with its challenges, decisions, and changes.

My goal for 2014 is to incorporate more of my New Story. The island Futera shows some of those goals. The island itself has Tranquil Bay, Cape Compassion, Meditation Valley, River of Hope, Inspiration Lake, Inlet of Acceptance, Calm Cove, Peace Rock, and Mount Mindful. Boats sailing to the island are reminders to Accept, Adapt, Be Prepared, Slow Down, and Let it Go.

The sign in the upper right is pointing to Autumn Wind Studios, reminding me of my goal for a personal art space and moving closer to finding my true artistic self. Futera shows other goals such as living away from the city with a garden, animals, and a family tree (speaking both to getting back to my hobby of genealogy once again, as well as spending more time with family). The meditation pose represents my goal for taking care of self...mind, body, soul, and spirit.

To view more maps, click on the link below to be taken to Jill's blog!