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About Terry

I was born and raised on a farm in northern Minnesota, not far from the Canadian border, in a town with a population of approximately 300. When I was eleven, my parents sold the farm. After one year of training, they were sent as missionaries to Brazil. I remember feeling homesick the entire time we were in Brazil. I missed my grandparents and Aunts Connie and Elva so much I could taste it.

After only two years, we were forced to return to the United States because my mother was ill. I was ecstatic to be going home! Once again, we were back in our home town and I was unbelievably happy. But my happiness was short lived. Within four months, my mother was dead. At age 14, it was a crushing blow, one I never fully recovered from.

Later, my father remarried and we moved closer to Minneapolis, where we spent several years. My Aunt Connie then invited me back home to stay with her during my senior year. I was able to graduate from the school in which I had spent most of my scholastic years and in the town I had missed so much.

I only mention these times of my life because they have a strong bearing on my art. The sadness of leaving my friends and close family at the tender age of 11, then losing my mother, is never far away. Much of my art focuses on farms and vintage photos. These remind me of small towns and the people who live there.

All my life I have felt the need to create but didn't have the talent for watercolors, oils, charcoals, and drawing, the only art forms I was aware of when I was younger. Then, in my early fifties, I discovered scrapbooking. I decided to do a memory book for my son. In the process of learning more about scrapbooking, I learned of altered books, which in turn led to collage and altered art. It was like a lightening bolt. I knew this was what I'd been looking for my whole life! I'm just sorry it took so long to find my passion.

But as with everything, I'm sure there is a reason. I attribute much of the feeling free, of being able to create at this stage in my life, to my husband Jeff, who has encouraged me and believed in me. He even does housework, just so I can play. What a great guy!

I'm most interested in altered books and collage, working with vintage ephemera of all kinds, oil pastels, and acrylics.

My "studio" is a small desk in front of a kitchen window overlooking the Columbia River, with one bookcase to hold my supplies and old books. Naturally, my area is very small. If I ever have to expand, I'm not quite sure where I'll expand to, as I don't think I can give up my little corner of inspiration that looks out over the river separating us from the beautiful blue hills of Washington.

I live in Troutdale, Oregon with my husband, and two cats Gilly and Pickles.

About Jeff

There's not a lot to say about me, except that I am fanatical about the rain, Halloween, the 60's, and creating. As an Illustrator, I have won 3 awards for excellence. My professional background includes over 25 years of illustration and graphic design. I do professional photo retouching and design work.

I've since switched gears, learned to speak, read, and write Spanish, and began a short-lived career in Social Services. Oregon's job market was not as strong, and offered little in the way of permanent positions, so I'm back trying to find myself once again.

However, it wasn't until I met Terry that I truly began to feel creative, and free enough to branch out. I became involved in videography and television production which I stayed with for three years. I photographed, produced, wrote, and edited 2 main programs "Backroads" and "Northwest Portraits", the latter a documentary program.

I really love New Age music, classical, and of course, the 70's prog-rock such as Genesis, King Crimson, ELP, etc.

In the fall of 1999, I began work on my first novel "The Horseman's Daughter" which was published in September of 2006.