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Pencil Drawings

Artist: Jeff Owenby

mexican girl portrait

"Mexican Girl"
2H, 3H & 3B Pencil

audrey hepburn pencil portrait

"Audrey Hepburn"
2H & 2B Pencils

liz taylor and montgomery clift

"Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift"
2H, 4H, HB, 2B, & 6B pencils

richard burton pencil portrait

"Richard Burton"
2H, 3H, 2B & Prisma Metallic Pencils

pencil drawing of a young girl

"Young Girl"
2H, 3H, HB & 3B Pencil

portrait of Greg Lake

"Greg Lake"
2H, 3H & 3B Pencil

Korean woman

"Korean Woman"
Watercolor & black Prisma Pencil

Dena Atlantic

"Dena Atlantic"
Prisma Pencil