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The Beauty of Rain
Samples of photos and writings by Jeff Owenby

wet sidewalk
rainy street

A tone.
A mood.
Warm, cold neutral.
Gray is a name,
a shade on a form,
a light behind the sky,
a veil to deceive the eye.

old house

The gray is but a curtain that opens a window unto myself showing me another view of another time in another life, while all around me, the rain falls gently.

rainy troutdale street

Wet city streets. The road curves south. Bleak and unharried. Morning sausage and eggs. Wipers peel away silver stripes and the rain starts a new day.

Pronunciation: 'rAn, rEn
Function: noun Usage: often attributive.
Etymology: Middle English reyn, from Old English regn, rEn; akin to Old High German regan rain.
1. a: water falling in drops condensed from a vapor in the atmosphere.
b: the descent of this water.
c: water that has fallen as rain: RAINWATER

rain pics

      I had a thought, then laid it to rest. The rain falls again, a most welcome guest.november rain