Nature Journaling

Ink, Watercolor & Mixed Media Nature Journal pieces by Jeff Owenby

nature journal tree drawing

◄ The East Fork of the Hood River

On this rainy day in April I sketched this tree near the banks of the river. This was done with watercolor and ink. I prefer the Micron markers now to any other pen.

nature journal creek drawing

▲ Panther Creek, Carson Washington

Early May. The rain was so constant that we had to build a makeshift tent to sit under. I've always been facinated with water-especially fast moving water such as creeks and rivers. This was done with watercolor and ink.

nature journal river drawing

◄ The Wind River, Carson Washington

Early May. The sun came out to give us a fantastic day of journaling. Near the banks of The Wind River I sketched this piece. This was done with ink only.

nature journal river drawing nature journal river drawing

◄ Nature Journal: "Fire, Water, Earth & Air"

This is a mixed media nature journal I did in the spring of 2011. The rocks on the front cover came from the bottom of The Sandy River as did the stick I used for the top handle.

In the photo below, the bottle attached to the book is collected rain water from April of that year. Terry braided the straw for me as a tether to the book itself.