rain on the road
rain on the road

A tone.
A mood.
Warm, cold neutral.
Gray is a name,
a shade on a form,
a light behind the sky,
a veil to deceive the eye.


downtown troutdale

Wet city streets.
The road curves south.
Bleak and unharried.
Morning sausage and eggs.
Wipers peel away silver stripes
and the rain starts a new day.

rain on windshield


Pronunciation: 'rAn, rEn
Function: noun Usage: often attributive.
Etymology: Middle English reyn, from Old English regn, rEn; akin to
Old High German regan rain.
1. a: water falling in drops condensed from a vapor in the atmosphere.
b: the descent of this water.
c: water that has fallen as rain: RAINWATER


I had a thought, then laid it to rest.
The rain falls again, a most welcome guest.

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Rain in the fields

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